Rose Weber

Rose Weber

Thank you for visiting Rose Weber's blog. My name is Rose-Anne or just Rose for short and I'm a student at Oxford University currently seeking a major in English Literature. I've always loved to read interesting works and would love to become a professional writer. So what better way to jump start my career than to start a blog while I'm still in school.

Even though school does take up a majority of my time, I still manage to make time for my friends and I absolutely love to cook. I may even try giving the culinary arts a chance once I'm done school and combine my two passions to become a food blogger. Until that happens, I'll at least start with sharing some of my creations right here on my blog.

Contact Rose

You can reach me at my office at:
500 5th Ave
New York, NY

My Personal Blog

Stay tuned, I should have Tumblr setup in a week and more posts will be posted shortly.


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